Bay area based artist who spent some years in Texas, Oregon, and southern California.

As a fiber artist and analog photographer, i create work that has a strong focus in translation and pining. Both mediums use the hand in a way that allow me to connect with the work on a more personal, nostalgic and forward thinking level. And by working with these two very different mediums, i pull from them new abstracted views that allow me to interpret a variety of emotion through a vast array of shape, color, quick movements and fast decision making. 

Along with working in a fine art field, I also apply my work to both design based, and collaborative constructs. These two mediums allow me to bring traditional techniques to the table and push them forward into new abstract content. 

I am currently working, living, and creating in San Francisco California.

For design work / collaborations / prints /  general inquiries / or grabbing a cup of joe, my email is below 



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